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ow How many individuals leave their jobs for the Oculus? I have personally never been swayed by the price, which I feel is too steep. ====== willholloway "How many individuals leave their jobs for the Oculus" I'm not sure what the question is. I'm now waiting to hear back on an opportunity to work with the Oculus. I've been on the Oculus website for some time, but there is no indication of how the companies stack up in terms of pricing and competition. If I end up working with the Oculus, I would never consider a paid position. ~~~ betterunix You left out one very important "i" in "individuals". ------ zurla As a former (very successful) business owner, this article is dead on. Selling/marketing/marketing decisions are the single hardest business decisions you will make. The risk/reward equation is constantly changing; you have to have the right experience, connections, and intuition to find the balance. I think the Oculus is a great product and it's hard to see the upside until you are part of the company. I'm sure they'll find success. I don't want to jinx them, but I wish them luck. lngnmn Even if you find out $100k is to much money to leave for some vanity project, the best thing you can do in such case is to sell your stock options (but not all of them) and use the money for the venture instead. johnatwork Well, if you have $100k in a savings account, you could withdraw it and then invest it as capital to set up a new company, one which does not need capital to operate. Not a bad deal. The present invention relates to dispensing devices and, in particular, to a dispensing closure or cap for large or heavy containers which allows the discharge of the contents while preventing its escape. More particularly, the present invention relates to a hinged cap for a product dispensing container which allows removal and pouring of the contents while preventing escape of the contents. Prior art caps have been utilized for large or heavy containers which allow the contents to be



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Exitlagouwtfastcrack geozach

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